The Interreg Annual Event 2022 will bring four Experience rooms to the audience to experience Interreg with all senses. Participants will travel around Europe and see, hear, touch, and experience the benefits of European Territorial Cooperation. Furthermore, participants will challenge their knowledge about Interreg through the Interreg MOOC – Massive Open Online Course on European Territorial Cooperation.

Explore the Experience rooms online to discover many more Interreg projects on social innovation, creative industries, games for education, and smarter technologies. Find also more information about the Interreg MOOC and its learning opportunities.

Experience 1: Games for cooperation and education

Play comes naturally when we are kids. By engaging in a variety of play experiences, we learn how the world works, how to interact with people, how to build and deepen relationships. But play is as much important in adulthood. Science has proven that it is central to creativity and innovation at all ages. When we play, we are more creative and less stressed, we are fully present and much more productive. Research shows that using games in education increases pupils’ engagement; it motivates students to explore; it improves emotional and social learning.
Many Interreg projects produced exciting games for education, awareness-raising, communication and information. Visit our experience room online to find out which is your favourite game, learn more about cooperation and have fun!

Experience 2: Cooperation in cultural and creative industries

At the heart of the creative industry are the diverse cultural influences Europe shares and the creative masters of present and past times, creating artistic crafts, the audiovisual industry, design, architecture, music or literature attracting millions of travelers each year to breath in a wiff of the cradle of civilizations and creative novelties. While each country preserves its traditions and cultural heritage, influences float across borders enriching the cultural industry, inspiring each other.
Interreg is at the heart of such inspiration and fosters concrete creative industry projects, showing Europe’s rich cultural heritage and dynamic cultural and creative sectors. We very much invite you to explore this experience room online and discover many inspiring examples!

Experience 3: Social innovation in practice

Europe is work in progress! It is moving, changing, reinventing itself in the face of new challenges demanding and inspiring new approaches to deliver fair and inclusive solutions. Interreg has a lot to offer to build stronger territorial resilience and better respond to future shocks through social innovation. There are more than 160 cooperation projects working on social innovation solutions in the 2014-2022 period, and the experience room will highlight a few of them demonstrating solutions for social empowerment, integration of young people, and embrace of the silver economy potentials. Join us online, get inspired, and test your knowledge about social innovation!

Experience 4: Cooperation for smarter technologies

In the experience room "Smarter technologies”, participants will be plunged into the diversity of innovation projects funded by Interreg. Spanning from healthcare robotics to exoskeletons, through underwater robot technology and VR experiences for cultural heritage preservation, participants will get a chance to touch, try and feel the tangible elements developed as part of Interreg projects. Smarter technologies are everywhere and the experience room will display the range of ideas, applications and potential that are explored and supported as part of Interreg. Discover more Interreg projects on Smart technologies by visiting the link below!

Experience 5: Interreg MOOC – Massive Online Course on European Territorial Cooperation

What do you know about European Territorial Cooperation? Come test your knowledge with a dynamic quiz session, where you will get to hear from experts and learn about inspiring border projects across Europe. Our MOOC covers a wide range of topics, from health to labour mobility, and delves into Interreg initiatives that shape cross-border interactions. Join us for a session of exchange and exploration about one of the hottest topics in European integration!